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SaaS education portal built on microservices architecture

Scalable, secure, and flexible to its core. Read the transformation story of an education portal and how it is helping in making the world a cultured place.

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August 26, 2021 9:25 am

August 26, 2021 9:25 am | by clowre | Posted in EdTech


SAAS Application


Education Technology


Java, Go, ReactJS, Docker, Kubernetes


The client, being a leader and enabler in the education sector, was looking for a comprehensive SaaS-based education portal. The idea was to connect the end-users, tutors, and students from across the globe and help the latter gain access to quality education.


Creating a highly customized, extremely scalable, and flexible SaaS-based application called for new-age architecture and technologies. And looking at the growth potential in the online education field, microservices were chosen as the application architecture.


The application portal enables tutors and students to connect for online tutoring, assignment (homework) help, and test preparation. It is massively scalable and fault-tolerant with every possible feature that helps in providing better education made this SaaS application one of its kind.

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SaaS education portal built on microservices architecture

    Your business challenge and our technology expertise are a match made in heaven.

    Written by clowre

    Over the past few years, the Digital Lab evaluated and test a number of products and services informed by criteria, indicators and testing processes from the Digital Standard.

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