Address Accurately Your Ongoing & Future Accessibility Requirements

Almost 15% of the world’s population is suffering from a disability. The need for products and services that are equally accessible for all was never this essential. Web solutions with accessibility integrated into their core are the right way to go.

Our accessibility services will help you identify the current and future accessibility requirements for your products and services. Ready-to-use products and proficient consultants to help inject accessibility into the code and design of your solutions.

Business-Ready & Customized Web Accessibility Solutions

Partial or Full Compliance

Web Accessibility solutions cater differently to different businesses. For partial compliance, we have a business-ready solution. And those who seek full compliance, our consultants are all set to guide them through all the requirements.

Plug & Play Ready

The ready-to-use Web Accessibility solution is extremely feature-rich whose setup is fast and easy. Text size, screen contrast, text spacing, dyslexia-friendly typefaces, reading mask, reading lines, line-height adjustment; it is packed with customizable accessibility-friendly options.

Led by Expert Consultants

Our accessibility consultants are well-versed with major guidelines applicable all over the world. The consultants guide your team to create a website or web application where the underlying code and design sync with various accessibility laws.

Gain Valuable Customers

A website is the first point of contact between your business and potential clients. By making your website and website applications user-friendly, your business will tap into an unexplored and often ignored user base. It can lead to more conversions and revenue for your business.

Avoid penalty & lawsuits

Major and fast-growing world economies have accessibility laws to protect and promote equal rights for users with disabilities. Companies in such countries are vulnerable to heavy penalties and lawsuits on noncompliance with accessibility laws. Our Web Accessibility solutions help you overcome these hurdles.

Promoting & Supporting Equality

Accessibility is everyone’s right. You not only support and promote a greater cause by complying with accessibility laws but also contribute to making the world wide web a better place. Get in touch with our accessibility experts to make your website and website applications open for all!

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