Powerful Suite of Applications to Transform Your Business

B2B eCommerce

Running a business-to-business store requires experience and reliable support during every stage of the order lifecycle. Glitches in the process can negatively impact both the user experience and sales. The way around is in the form of a partner who has each order’s back through its lifecycle. With the Clowre eCommerce solution, you can expand business reach, have complete control over the order lifecycle and enjoy upgrades in the form of new features and fixes.

  • Start new or move your existing online business to our feature-rich eCommerce platform.
  • Enjoy access to multiple business-ready tools and extensions like payment gateway, custom product designer, tax and shipping portals, etc.

Data Capturer

The amount of data available today is insane! Collecting it is not easy and manually sorting that data is an impossible challenge itself. Automation is the key, and that’s where the Data capturer comes in! A robust data capturing tool that is easy to configure and has many dynamic features. It lets you create interactive forms with basic to advanced data collection fields based on your business requirements.

  • Address collection, polls & surveys, contact forms, review & feedback – one tool, versatile to its core.

SSL Certificate Manager

We help your website maintain data integrity by keeping a strict check on SSL certificates. No longer a luxury and very much a necessity, enterprises have to maintain an accurate accounting of certificates which is a time-consuming and error-prone task. We simply automate it for you. Expired certificates can expose your clients’ information to hackers and bring potential data-breach lawsuits.

  • Add, upload, update, delete certificates; manage everything from one place.
  • Receive email notifications of certificate expiry or status change.

Accessibility Compliance

We make your software products and the website accessible and usable – thereby making the world wide web a better place. Experienced accessibility consultants to guide and assist your remediation efforts and ensure a successful outcome. Ensure compliance with WCAG, ADA, Section 508, and other applicable standards and steer clear of fines and penalties.

  • Plug-in and play web accessibility tool to provide basic-level compliance.
  • Expert consultants to help inject functionalities into the system through code changes and enjoy end-to-end compliance.