About Us

Clowre is a platform that helps in building complex business solutions by breaking the idea into small pieces that work together. It is made possible by the microservices architecture. Using Clowre as the platform for your business application, you can unlock a multitude of business benefits offered by this loosely coupled architecture.

The Inspiration Behind Clowre

While managing hundreds of eCommerce stores for our clients, we came across an unusual problem. The legacy application handling all eCommerce stores was built on monolithic architecture, a minute snag in one component of the application could lead to complete system failure. It meant massive business losses for the clients.

To counter this issue, in 2019, our software engineers started exploring the idea of loosely coupled, collaborating services. Today, Clowre is helping businesses set up profitable eCommerce solutions, enterprise-level software, etc. with a faster turnaround.

Clowre Capabilities

Perfect match for every idea

You can create any type and size of business applications using the Clowre platform.

New age technology

The Clowre platform is designed on the microservices architecture to reap multiple benefits inherited by this technology.

Multiple services to choose from

You get to choose from various business-ready services while building your application.

Custom application

Strong team with a massive tech stack to help you build any application you can think of.

24/7 support

Round the clock support services from the Clowre tech team to keep your vision always up and running and flourishing.

Sarvika Technologies is an India-based software solutions company. It came into existence in 2013 with a small team of three individuals, and today, in a mere span of eight years, Sarvika Technologies has a team of 100+ colleagues. The team Sarvika operates from a massive eight thousand square feet office space, equipped with ultra-modern tech facilities, based in UNESCO declared world heritage site Jaipur.

A humble list of achievements

  • Started from the eCommerce domain to serving multiple industries like EduTech, Telecommunications, and more.
  • From managing 5 to 500 eCommerce stores.
  • From being a service provider to transitioning as a product developer.
  • Rich working experience in mature technologies (Java, PHP, etc.), and adding new technologies like Go language, Kubernetes, Docker, ReactJS, NodeJS, etc. to the tech stack.
  • Availability of full-stack resources.