Interactive and attractive forms that drive results.

A massive and forever growing list of users interacting with the world wide web equals colossal information to capture. Managing and analyzing this information on excel sheets and legacy databases is impossible. This is where Form Builder comes in handy.

Anyone, literally anyone, can use Form Builder to create and deploy forms. The Drag & Drop feature makes the form creation process user-friendly. The ability to customize data fields down to the granular level empowers the user to create forms that are unique to their requirements.

Enough Self Appraisal. Form Builder Offers You.

Drag and drop

Drag what you like and drop what you don’t. Form Builder gives you plenty of data fields to choose from and empowers you with the drag and drop feature to create forms easily.

Easy white labeling

Want to incorporate the brand identity into the form? Form Builder allows you to do exactly that and much more. Design customization allows creating forms that match the brand guidelines.

Field customization

In Form Builder, you can edit the nature of every data field that you add to the form. It can be word limit, tooltip, suffix/prefix, input mask, uppercase and lowercase restrictions, country/state-wise restrictions; the list is endless. Such a granular level of customization allows you to create truly unique forms (truly yours).

Activity management

The Logs feature in Form Builder maintains a record of every operation performed in the tool by users. Unique usernames allow assigning accountability for changes made in the form.

Advanced data fields

From basic fields to insert text, passwords, checkboxes, etc., to advance fields like reCAPTCHA, date/time, email, phone numbers, etc., Form Builder gives you a humongous variety of data fields to drag & drop from.

Reusable templates

You can save and reuse form templates to boost time; export data with an additional feature to filter fields to analyze and make better decisions; add/edit web page slugs and add media files; create custom messages for each field. As we said, the list is endless!

Tech Stack

React JS
Node JS