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The world is going online. Now is the time for your business to come online too. Clowre eCommerce solutions encompass a broad spectrum of eCommerce services ranging from consultation to store setup and support and management. Clowre eCommerce consultants work alongside you to create the most appealing and advanced store equipped with every feature like multiple stores, chatbots, payments, taxation, shipping, analytics, etc., you can think of.

eCommerce Solutions for Diverse B2B & B2C Models

Easy setup

Start a new or move to Clowre eCommerce. A simple store creation process with custom-designed templates makes the process super fast and efficient. Support of Clowre experts, attractive themes, and layouts to make shopping a fun experience for buyers and generating more sales.

Multi-store eCommerce

Managing multiple stores from a single dashboard is possible with Clowre eCommerce. You can control store-specific URLs, product catalog, pricing, discounts, language, etc., from one admin panel. Power centralization allows you to achieve more by doing less.

Secure payment integration

In-house-built payment integration microservice empowers your business to offer multiple payment options to your customers. Not only this, all customer financial information is stored on the payment gateway portal, hence helping your business bypass PCI compliance.

Tax & Shipping integration

Do not let different taxation and shipping rules scare you away from connecting with buyers globally! Clowre eCommerce taxation and shipping microservices integration allow you to serve customers in any part of the world. Auto tax and shipping amount calculation make shopping easy for customers.

Live & chatbot integration

Customer support is the key behind a prospering online business. Clowre eCommerce chat microservice is feature-rich that provides both chatbot and live chat options. Give your customers the calming presence of continuous support and let them shop freely!

24/7 technical support

Support for customers, sorted. But what about you? Worry not. Clowre eCommerce solutions are backed by a team of trained and experienced maintenance and support professionals. They are available 24/7 to help you overcome any technical glitch your team comes across.

Tech Stack

React JS
Node JS